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Create a Component


This tutorial assumes you are using windows and can run the Universal Windows Version of VertiGIS Studio Mobile.

If you can't solve your use case by editing the app layout and config using the built-in components, then it may be time to learn how to extend VertiGIS Studio Mobile with custom components. With custom components, you can create completely configurable UI and behavior, interact with other components and built-in services, and more.


Check out and setup the VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK Quickstart project.

Basic Component

Create a new file components/CustomComponent.cs under the platform agnostic project. In the file, add a new component class CustomComponent and register it with VertiGIS Studio Mobile using an assembly attribute.

using App1;
using App1.Components;
using VertiGIS.Mobile.Composition.Layout;
using System.Xml.Linq;
using Xamarin.Forms;

[assembly: Component(typeof(CustomComponent), "custom-component", XmlNamespace = XmlNamespaces.App1Namespace)]
namespace App1.Components
class CustomComponent : ComponentBase
protected override VisualElement Create(XNode node)
return new Label(){ Text = "My Custom Component" };

Add the Component to your Layout

You can now add the component to your app layout to see it in the application.

  • Add the XmlNamespaces.App1Namespace namespace with the alias custom to your xml namespaces.
  • Place your custom component in a taskbar panel.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
xsi:schemaLocation=" ../../ViewerSpec/layout/layout-mobile.xsd"
<map slot="main"/>
<custom:custom-component icon="info"/>

You've now accomplished the basics of extending VertiGIS Studio Mobile with a custom component. With custom components, you can create completely new user interfaces and run completely custom logic in your VertiGIS Studio Mobile application.

Relevant SDK Samples

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