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VertiGIS Studio Mobile is a framework for configuring and building mobile offline-capable custom apps on Esri's platform. VertiGIS Studio Mobile is part of the VertiGIS Studio suite of products.

You can use the VertiGIS Studio Mobile framework to build mobile, offline-capable apps that can run on Android, iOS, or Windows platforms. VertiGIS Studio Mobile apps make it possible to pan and zoom the map, search for features, review attributes, add and edit features, add attachments, and track your movements in real time. Integration with VertiGIS Studio Workflow ensures that you can build apps for many business processes. VertiGIS Studio Mobile apps can be used in the field to collect data, including photos and documents that can be attached to the map, perform inspections, or add and edit ArcGIS features.

VertiGIS Studio Mobile was designed to be highly configurable out of the box. VertiGIS Studio Mobile consists of the VertiGIS Studio Mobile Viewer which provides the runtime for mobile applications, and the VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer, which provides a powerful interface to configure and deploy VertiGIS Studio Mobile Applications.

Have you explored the VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer?

The VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer allows you to edit your application's layout, configure custom behaviors for buttons and other UI components, and solve complex business problems through VertiGIS Studio Workflow. Many use cases can be solved through the VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer and don't require custom development.

Extending VertiGIS Studio Mobile#

If the VertiGIS Studio Mobile Designer cannot accomplish what you need, you can manually configure and extend VertiGIS Studio Mobile in a number of ways.

The simplest way to customize your application is through configuration. If you need to implement complex behavior and user interactions, VertiGIS Studio Workflow may be able to accomplish your goals through an easy to use interface. VertiGIS Studio Workflow can be taken even further through custom extensions to its activity and form element library. VertiGIS Studio Mobile can also be extended through its SDK to create completely custom experiences.

Application Configuration#

Every VertiGIS Studio Mobile application has a layout, which represents the visual layout of the application, and app config that configures various behaviors and settings within the application. Layout and app config can be easily edited to customize the appearance and behavior of an an VertiGIS Studio Mobile application without writing custom code.

Before investing in developing workflows or custom code, see if your use case can be solved through the use of layout and configuration. Explore the concepts to learn more about layout and app config.

VertiGIS Studio Workflow#

VertiGIS Studio Workflow is a powerful tool that comes bundled with VertiGIS Studio Mobile which can create custom behavior and UI without custom code development. Many behaviors in VertiGIS Studio Mobile can be replaced by a workflow that runs entirely custom logic. VertiGIS Studio Workflow can even display complex customized forms.

Custom Workflow Activities and Form Elements#

If VertiGIS Studio Workflow meets most of your need, but is missing a few crucial elements, the best solution may be to extend VertiGIS Studio Workflow with custom activities and form elements. Extending VertiGIS Studio Workflow can take the rich out of the box Workflow experience and augment it with business logic or UI specific to your use case.

Custom Components and Services#

If you need to build entirely custom and new behavior and UI, you should check out the VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK. Using the VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK, you can develop custom behavior by creating new commands and operations which can be used in the app config. If you need to create a new UI element, you can build custom components. With the ability to create background services, facilitate component and service interactions, and participate in the app config, the possibilities for extending VertiGIS Studio Mobile are endless.

Next Steps#

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VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK

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