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Deploying your library using VertiGIS Studio Web Designer

The easiest way to deploy your custom library built using the SDK is to upload it to an application using the VertiGIS Studio Web Designer.

Uploading Custom Code to an App


You can only upload a library to a saved app.

  1. Run npm run build in the root of your project to create a production build of your library
    • This creates an optimized production build that is output to the build folder of your project. This build is designed for use in production
  2. Open an application in VertiGIS Studio Web Designer that you wish to upload your custom code into
  3. Navigate to File -> Upload Library
  4. Follow the instructions to upload your custom library located in the build folder of your project

Upload app config and layout to an App (optional):

  1. Create a .zip archive of your app.json and layout.xml files from the app folder of your project
  2. Navigate to File -> Upload App
  3. Follow the instructions to upload the .zip archive

Your app is now ready to use your library. If your library registers any custom components, they will be available in the Layout Toolbox

Deploy the app

After you've uploaded your custom library to your application, you can push the application through the configured deployment stages using the deployment pipeline in the Designer. Your library code will be copied through the deployment stages, so you can be confident that changes to your library code in the development stage won't affect your production app until you explicitly deploy to the production stage.