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Existing language strings for an application can be customized for any language in the VertiGIS Studio Mobile s Designer. To provide a complete translation in an entirely new locale for VertiGIS Studio Mobile, please contact us.

VertiGIS Studio Mobile was designed to be fully internationalizable on all levels of the product, from app config to custom code. This internationalization is handled by Xamarin Forms.

Specifying a Default Language

Xamarin Forms describes how to specify a default language for your app.

Adding New Cultures for Existing Language Strings

The Quickstart project comes with multiple AppResources files in the root of the platform agnostic project to provide an example of adding a culture to your application. You can also check out the Xamarin Documentation on Localization.

Relevant SDK Sample

Check out the relevant VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK Sample:

Next Steps

Internationalization in App Config

Learn how to use language strings in the app config

Internationalize Components

Learn how to use language strings for user facing text in components