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Quickstart Reference

Entry Points

Each platform has platform specific setup and an entry point, after which they all bootstrap the application through the platform agnostic project. In the platform agnostic project, the OnStart method of App.cs calls the VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK Bootstrapper, and loads and displays the application with the given app.json configuration.


The OnCreate method of the MainActivity.cs file in the Android specific project handles Android specific setup.


The FinishedLaunching method of the AppDelegate.cs in the iOS specific project handles iOS specific setup.

Universal Windows

The constructors of the App.xaml.cs and MainPage.xaml.cs files in the UWP specific project handles Windows specific setup.

Error Handling

In each of the platform specific setups, there is a call to the HandleExceptions method. This method tells VertiGIS Studio Mobile to handle exceptions and display an Error. If you need to have control over global error handling, you can remove the call to HandleExceptions and implement your own global exception handling for the Xamarin Application. This Stack Overflow post is a good starting point for implementing global error handling.

Referencing Third Party Libraries

The VertiGIS Studio Mobile Quickstart is simply a .NET Xamarin Forms project so you can add dependencies to it like any other .NET project.


The VertiGIS Studio Mobile SDK relies on exact versions of ArcGIS Runtime and Xamarin Forms NuGet packages.