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VertiGIS Studio Reporting is a flexible tool for creating sophisticated, professional-looking reports that include spatial and non-spatial data from ArcGIS map services, tables, databases, and other data sources. Reports can be created in all shapes and sizes, with varying complexities and requirements, from basic mailing label reports to inspection compliance reports for governing bodies like FEMA. VertiGIS Studio Reporting is part of the VertiGIS Studio suite of products.

Reports can be shared with end users allowing them to create on-demand, print-ready PDF reports about maps and features, using data from the user's current session. Reports can be run in VertiGIS Studio Web, Geocortex Viewer for HTML5, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, via VertiGIS Studio Workflow or directly through our convenient REST API.

Have you explored the VertiGIS Studio Report Designer?

The VertiGIS Studio Report Designer has an extensive suite of tools for laying out reports, specifying the data that you want to include, and presenting the data using charts, tables, and other configurable elements.